The 5 Scariest Types of Drivers

Oct 31, 2018 10:10:00 AM


We have all encountered them before: the type of driver that makes you question the laws of the road… and sometimes the laws of physics. No matter your skill level or driving habits, these monsters behind the wheel are unavoidable. Here are the 5 scariest types of drivers you might encounter on your next drive.

The Young Gun
We were all probably this driver at some point in our life. The impressionable novice who is just beginning to grasp the idea of sharing the road with others. Distraction is the name of their game, with a sprinkle of hard-headedness and general ignorance to the rules of the road.

The young gun brings with them a bounty of distractions — friends, music, phones and the insatiable appetite for red-light selfies. While these drivers lack experience, they make up for it with youthful exuberance. This combination makes the young gun one of the scariest drivers on the road.

The Road Rager
If you have yet to encounter this driver, consider yourself lucky. Any slight mishap or mistake can send this driver into a spiraling spin of rage and distraction. Instead of understanding that mistakes happen and driving is a collaborative effort, the road rager’s main goal is to make you feel their wrath in the form of an emotional breakdown.

Whether it’s a forgotten blinker or a quick lane change, the road rager can be set off by just about anything. From there, emotions take over and you’re being harassed. If you encounter these drivers, simply back off and don’t engage. Like most bullies, the road rager will move on if simply ignored. If it should escalate to violence or intimidation, try to document the vehicle and license plate and report them to local authorities.

The Peek-A-Boo Driver
You may have seen this driver before, but did they see you? The peek-a-boo driver’s eyes sit directly above the steering wheel with two hands firmly grasping the top of the steering wheel. While these drivers have extensive driving history, their vision and ability to react quickly have decreased over the years.

The peek-a-boo driver is often seen driving short distances for an early dinner or bingo match. While there are many peek-a-boo drivers with clean driving records, the combination of age and eyesight may lead to a fender bender or two. Be courteous and respectful of the peek-a-boo driver… It might just be you someday! 

The Social Butterfly
The social butterfly has never let a text go 30 seconds without a reply and they will never let driving get in the way of their social life. estimates that five seconds is the average time that a driver’s eyes are off the road and fixated on their phone. At a speed of 55 miles per hour, a vehicle could travel over 100 yards. That’s a lot of room for an accident.

Your best bet: steer clear of the social butterfly on the roads. And don’t be the social butterfly driver, please. Put the phone down.

The Signal-Averse Driver
Whether it’s the ride-share driver making signal-free pickups and drop-offs or the lazy driver who somehow can’t seem to move their hand three inches to use a signal, this type of driver seems to be omnipresent on America’s roads today. The trickiest part of these drivers is the unpredictability that comes along with them on every drive.

You might be calmly minding your business on the roads and the signal-averse driver always seems to pop out of nowhere. This driver always seems to be entering your lane with mere inches to spare, stopping on the side of the road with no signal or abruptly turning right at a stop light. Always leave extra space between you and the signal-averse driver. It just might just save you from an accident.

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