What to Look for in a Vehicle Service Plan (Also Known as an Extended Warranty)

Mar 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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So you decided to buy a used car...or keep your current car a bit longer. Now, it’s time to look at getting the most out of your investment. And that, my friend, means looking at a vehicle service contract. Also known as extended warranties because, well, they extend the life of your car, these plans can be a lifesaver if your car breaks down, saving in costly repairs that can drain your bank account. What’s more, some contracts offer additional services, like towing and car rentals, to make life a little easier if that breakdown occurs. 

Still, how can you cull from the plethoraof plans out there? Ask yourself these questions:  

Are there choices?
Some providers have a one-size-fits-all approach—one type of contract, take it or leave it. Better providers offer a variety of plans to fit different needs and different budgets.

What’s covered?
Take a look at what’s included...and excluded. A good provider will be plainspoken about coverages, showing on its website a list of parts or services. As a watchword, if you need to dig through dozens of webpages to find the listing, someone’s hiding something.

Is the price too high? Or, conversely, too low?
The provider should have a range of prices, not prices set within a dollar or two of each other for plans. And, if it looks like too good a deal, it probably is masking a number of exclusions that you won’t find out about until you’re in the thick of a breakdown. 

Is the process convenient?
Some vehicle service contract providers take a high-pressure approach—you can’t get a quote online without submitting a slew of personal information, resulting in endless calls from pressure-tactic salespeople. Look for a provider that features anonymous quoting by the make, model and year of your vehicle.

What about direct payment?
A good plan handles all the details. You pay the deductible, and the company does the rest. Avoid those that will send you a check you’ll have to then send off to the mechanic, or those plans that reimburse you after the fact.

Of course, ForeverCar checks off on all the right things, making it the all-digital vehicle service plan that has your best interests in mind. Simply choose your plan in a no-pressure environment and rest easy. If a breakdown occurs, we handle all the details, like getting a tow truck and rental, as well as coordinating the repairs and payment.

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