Hitting the Road

Mar 10, 2017 1:43:52 PM


The weather’s warming up...and that means it won’t be long before America takes to the open road. According to the AAA, one third of U.S. residents say they’re taking a family vacation this summer, with 69 percent saying they’re doing a road trip. 

With gas prices low, it’s time for you to plan out your Great American Adventure.
Here’s some tips:


Map it!
Start your journey with roadtrippers.com. Type in your location and your destination, select points of interest and voila! You get a customized route highlighting all you want to see. Or, select from predetermined trips to explore more.


Gas up before you go.
You already know where the best prices are. Do this to avoid local gas taxes in areas along the route.


Be prepared.
We’ve blogged about creating an emergency road kit before. Make sure yours is up-to-date.


Check it twice.
Check your car’s fluids before you hit the road. And make sure your tires are properly inflated.

hit-the-road__two phones.jpg

Take two.
If you choose to rely on GPS-enabled smartphones for a family trip, take two if you can. Phones vary in their responsiveness and you don’t want to miss a crucial exit. 


Pack light.
If you’re going on a multi-day trip, limit the weight in your vehicle and pack less. Less weight in your car means better fuel economy. 


Exit here.
Take exits that show multiple gas and food stops. That means more competition from vendors...and more competition means lower prices overall.

Bhit-the-road__fc.jpg  Take ForeverCar with you.
The last thing you want on the open road is a car breakdown without the protection of a vehicle service plan in place. ForeverCar offers a variety of plans to cover different needs and price points.

Best yet, ForeverCar handles all the details should a breakdown occur, including getting a tow truck and rental. Don’t start summer without it!

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