Top Three Innovative Summer Travel Accessories

Jun 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Summer travel season is officially here and it won’t last forever. According to Statistic Brain, Americans will take around 650 million individual road trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Averaging around 250 miles per one-way trip, Americans are clocking billions of miles each summer in their cars.

Having peace of mind knowing you will arrive safely at your destination is the most important part of any trip. Getting there in style is a close second. You may have already seen our Top Five Mobile Apps for Your Summer Road Trip, but what about those travel accessories that don’t live on your mobile device? We’re here to help with our Top Three Innovative Summer Travel Accessories.

Dashboard Cameras 

One of the best way to capture your next summer adventure is through the lens of a dash cam. These gadgets can be mounted to your windshield or attached to your rear-view mirror and capture every memory along with the way. With civilian dash cam usage rising in the United States, these gadgets provide peace of mind and an objective eyewitness should anything happen on the road. They might even help you lower your insurance premiums. But most importantly, these cameras enhance the memories of your journey for years to come.

Set up your dash cam to record your next road trip and you never know what might show up on camera. From comical vanity plates to alleged UFO sightings, dash cams are a must for any summer endeavor. The best part? Significant advancements in dash cam technology have occurred in the last few years. These innovative new dash cams pack a high-definition punch without hurting your bottom line. There are plenty of offerings under $100 like the Anker Roav or the Z-Edge Z3, voted best dash cam by Wirecutter. For the real gadget buff, give the Falcon Zero F360 or Blackvue DR650 a try. Don’t let any memory slip away. Add a dash cam to your next summer road trip. 

High-Tech Coolers

There’s never any guarantees on a road trip. That’s most apparent when it’s time to decide on where to eat. Between food allergies, picky eaters and long stretches of very limited options, finding an agreeable bite to eat can get in the way of your road trip zen. But now, you don’t have to worry about it. Pack everyone’s favorites before you leave and make sure your road warriors are happy.

Like dash cams, cooler technology has come a long way. Gone are the olden days of dingy, smelly, dark and leaky coolers. Innovative options like RTIC or YETI have changed the technology of food storage and raised the bar significantly. These wildly popular coolers are great for the just about any destination. If it’s style and innovation you covet, look no further than Coolest. Touting the power to hold up to 55 quarts and keep ice frozen for up to 5 days, Coolest does not stop there. The innovative cooler has a built-in blender, outdoor Bluetooth speaker, and LED lights. Roadside picnics are a breeze with built-in plates, utensils, a cutting board, and a magnetized bottle opener and corkscrew to celebrate your arrival. Store your road trip grub in style with these innovative food storage products.

USB Chargers

Nothing worse than a dead battery on your favorite device with miles ahead on the trip. With a car full of travelers, fighting over the “juice” can escalate quickly. With recent advancements in car-capable chargers, the whole family can be happily plugged-in to their favorite device without the fear of a low battery.

Voted best USB car charger by Wirecutter, this Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger is the perfect companion to get your devices juiced up and ready to capture your memories. Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology provides the “fastest possible charge” for most common devices. Add two more devices and make the whole family happy with the Anker 48W 4-Port USB Car Charger for just a few more dollars. Don’t be caught on the road without it this summer. 

ForeverCARE is the best resource for car owners to worry less and experience more. While these accessories are a great addition to your summer travels, the best companion is peace of mind. With a ForeverCar Vehicle Service Contract, you will get the peace of mind you deserve before your next road trip. If a breakdown occurs, you’re covered. The whole way. Get your quote today and get back to what really matters.

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